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      ' Diatoms are the most common type of phytoplankton
       Phytoplankton are responsible for most of the transfer of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the ocean .Even small changes in the growth of phytoplankton may affect atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations which would feed back to global surface temperatures.

      All life on earth is reliant on its existence as it is the beginning of the food chain

      It is the foundation of all oceanic life forms and responsible for much of the oxygen in our atmosphere.'


      Oil and acrylic (background is deep olive green) on a ready to hang canvas Ready to hang/Strung with gallery required 'D' hooks
      Sold  over 600 artworks to private and corporate collections  worldwide through here and my website ..  Permanent display at Ribbetts Restaurant at Dutton Park in  Brisbane where you are welcome to collect from .

     Canvas  (single depth 1.8cms) Size of the canvas is 45cms x 45cms/18"x18" 



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